#mycardifflist – things to do, see and eat in Cardiff

One of the key reasons I wanted to start this blog was to make a public commitment to do, see and try things when I moved to Cardiff. This was partly because I felt that after nine years in London, I’d stopped being very adventurous when it came to getting out and about; but partly (mainly?) to throw myself into finding out about this new area I was now moving to.

 So I started brainstorming things that I wanted to do in Cardiff. While I’ve spent some time in the capital before with family or for work, I haven’t really done many of the classic Cardiff touristy things (like visiting Cardiff Castle). I also wanted to go and see things that maybe were a little off the beaten track- the things you get to know about when you live somewhere, rather than just visiting.

 I was mulling this over with the Returning Cardiffian as he, obviously, had many more suggestions than I have – one of the downsides of trying to create a list of things to do/see/eat when you don’t know the area is not knowing the area (duh!). And then we thought- why limit it to just the two of us coming up with ideas? Why not let the lovely people of Cardiff (psst! that’s you!) suggest things that we wouldn’t even know about.

And in a blinding flash of inspiration – #mycardifflist was born!

(Well, to be honest, initially it was going to be #100thingstoincardiff but 1. I couldn’t think of 100 things (yet) and 2. I didn’t want to limit to it just 100 things- I realised I wanted it to be an ongoing, ever growing list. And I also loved that other people could adopt the hashtag for themselves and create their own #mycardifflist which will be different for us all, without feeling like they had to target 100 things if they didn’t want to.)

Some of the things on my list are easy wins (going to the Farmers Markets, drinking a Brains beer), some are rather challenging (cycling the Taff trail-that’s going to take me some time to get to that point!) and others are downright ridiculous (selfie with Gareth Bale anyone?). I wanted to capture silly things, random things, amazing things and those things that I won’t ever be able to call myself a true Cardiffian without doing them.

To keep track of the list, I’ve popped it over on its own separate page and intend to keep adding to it as I find out about new things or – even better – you suggest them to me! In return, feel free to borrow from my list for your own – I’d love nothing more than to see other people start their own #mycardifflist and use it as a way to get out and try something new in or around Cardiff.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Cardiffians!




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