The New Cardiffian

I remember the first time I went to Cardiff.  I had never been to Wales before and was sent on an overnight trip for work. I stepped off the train, looked around and had the strangest sensation that one day I would live there.

At the time I was new to the UK, having left Australia less than a year earlier. I was 25, living in central London and in thrall of my new life in the big city. I knew nothing of Wales and couldn’t imagine a time where I wanted to leave the excitement of London for – well, anywhere else really. So I pushed that thought to the back of my mind…

Whether or not it is fate, or whether that idea has influenced me since that time, I am now embarking on that journey – moving to Cardiff. Something which eight years ago seemed an odd throwaway thought is now my path, and I can’t wait.

I am now married to a Welshman, and have been to Wales on many occasions. Yet never having lived there, I am so excited to get to explore this city, and country, with the eyes of an outsider, not really knowing what to expect from a move as significant as this.

I started this blog to share my experiences with the world – from moving from the bigger city to the smaller; things to see, do, eat, make, watch and listen to; learning to speak the language; and everything in between. I believe that Cardiff will bring a community that sometimes gets lost in the sprawling expanse of London, and have started this blog to help me chronicle these moments and also remind me there is always more to see and do!

I hope you too will enjoy this journey.

– the New Cardiffian


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